Our Values

Since the creation of the domain in 1993, we work our parcels and vines naturally. First to restore the ground before planting new vines, then to preserve the heritage of nature in the raw state, such as old vines over 130 years old, which we are the guardians of.

To demonstrate our commitment as organic wine makers, we are certified by Ecocert since 2007. We believe that the practices of agriculture, following organic and biodynamic precepts, is the only sustainable way to look after our vines.

Our main worry is to fertilize and maintain them to obtain the finest grapes, year after year, while preserving them  from chemical attack.

In the vineyard...

- Tillage exclusively.

- Spraying biodynamic pulps and herbal teas.

- Natural grass practice mastered with complementary seedling.

- Supply of organic amendments, non-chemicals, such as compost pellets (organic).

- Severe pruning with a one-bud spur

Limited yields : more than 40 hl / ha is a fault, fewer 10 hl / ha is an accident

The average yield on our plots is 28 hl / ha

- Hand harvest at phenolic ripeness in crates or thermo-controlled stainless steel trailers to avoid any deterioration of the grape. Everything is done to avoid mistreating the grape.

- Farming methods that stimulateplant focusing on the fruit. No good wine without good grapes.

- A rigorous plot selection considering the specificity of terroirs.

In the cellar...

- A draconian monitoring of all phases, from winemaking to bottling.

- Natural winemaking focused on tasting and dynamics of musts and wines in favorable periods :

old moon, N / W wind, many racking and ventilations.

- Conditioning according to the same principles than winemaking.

- Red wines are unfiltered and very rarely stuck.

- Limited and fragmented use of SO².