Domaine Ferrer Ribière

In the foothills of the Canigou, 15 km South-West of Perpignan, near Spain, where the Pyrenees flows into the Mediterranean, stretches the territory of Domaine Ferrer Ribière: 29 hectares of vineyards located on various and complementary soils, whose specific features explain the character and quality of the wines.

Our vines are from :

- the family heritage of Denis Ferrer.

- a plot Bruno Ribière fell in love with, where nature flourished thanks to a long lasting  ecosystem.

- an exchange with the neighbour.

- the wish to widen  our grape varieties' family.

- the desire to preserve some feet planted in the nineteenth century, not grafted, which have resisted to Phylloxera.

- The will to preserve a vine heritage that is dying out such as vines planted in goblet.

Thanks to this attachment to a terroir and historic vineyards, that still have so much to tell, that our land has as a wide  (bio)diversity.

The Domaine Ferrer Ribière vineyard has been formed over the years. It is characterized by many small plots ranging from 30 acres to no more than 2 ha and altitudes up to 300 m, most of them oriented South-East.

Denis Ferrer galvanizes and takes care of the vines, expression and communication, medium between the earth and the human.
Bruno Ribière strives to make and to mature sincere wines, as naturally as possible in order to reveal the rich, secret and generous soils.

Wineyard pictures